Friday, 29 October 2010


On tuesday I was awarded the AA2A residency scheme to develop a SHARING the MAKING project at the University of Salford. New samples will be ready in time for Christmas if all things go to plan. Happy designing, happy planning, happy weaving. Must let Walter and Diego know! exciting times ahead...

Lawrence Neal

I had the great privilege to meet chair maker Lawrence Neal recently at his workshop in Stockton, Warwickshire. Rushes were collected from local farms and riverbanks and dried in the corner of the room. Timbres were sourced from well managed woodlands and the whole experience was like stepping back in time to the delights of traditional craftsmanship. Lawrence seems to exude pride in his practice, as he is continuing the craft past down to him from his father and I don't blame him! beautiful chairs... just lovely! Go visit!

Chipping Camden

I paid a visit to The Guild of Handicraft last week hoping to enjoy the delights of the 'Hart' workshop. Hart Gold and Silversmith is the last remaining studio of the The Guild of Handicraft which was established in 1888 by C. R. Ashbee.. Sadly the workshop was closed but I manage to peak up at the door and inside the window into this incredible space. The company is still a family ran enterprise... lets hope that I can catch them next time!!


Treasured samples made the journey across the channel from France to Manchester. Tea's and decoctions to aid digestion, to help lower blood pressure, detoxifying materials a plenty.

Shottery Grammar School for Girls

No sooner have I set foot on English soil and I am off again. Not too far this time, just down to Shakespeare country to spend some time with some English speaking students! Many thanks to printmaker Ann Taylor. Collographing, screen-printing, painting, and mono-printing. Days filled with owl stamps and merit badges. An interesting experience was hand... I didn't think I'd be hearing an assembly again!

au revoir

A difficult goodbye to our Provencal home. Organisation and tessellation the last nine months accumulation. Ordering things and compartmentalizing equipment we return to england full of anticipation

Sunday, 26 September 2010